Monday, November 14, 2005

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

THE PLEASURE DOME Sports and Showclub

Founding family: The Connors

* Wyatt: full-time manager, son of owner, 25, married to Jennifer
* Conrad: owner, former body-builder, former woodsman, late 40's
* Kelly: owner, wife (soon to be ex-wife) of Conrad, 30's
* Jennifer: Wyatt's wife, 23, former stripper name "Natasha"
* Ryan: youngest son of owner, works as doorman part-time

Bubbles: me, 25, working to pay off debt, also works as local newspaper editor

* Cynder: 20'ish, dates a younger guy, has pretty sleeve tatoos, just got another job at a retail clothing store
* Morgan: 18'ish, most commonly uttered phrase, "Does this make me look stupid?"
* Trixie: 25, feminist man-hater, can't dance
* Cassandra: 22'ish, has one baby, uses men for gifts and money, will fuck anytime
* Blake: 18'ish, keeps to herself, very popular "school-girl" type dancer, easy to work with
* Alexa: 18, rail-skinny
* Megan: 22'ish, going to school, extremely nice girl, classically shaped
* Daisy: 20-something, has baby and stable boyfriend, talkative, friendly, fun
* Ice: 20, fake titties, glamour stripper, into bling and men with status
* Tigra: 25, military, has one bi-racial baby , friendly
* Infinity: 18, hot body, pretty face, slightly unstable, a lot of fun, dates "Katz"
* Rachel: 25, former body-builder, extremely nice, abused by men all her life
* Scarlet: 18, looks like a typical exotic stripper with piercings and pink hair, really nice girl
* Reno: age unknown, history unknown, shady
* Lacey: 20'ish, has one baby, divorcing husband, going to school, known for sexy "stare"
* Ivy: 21, sluttest dance moves, used to date Kirby, lines up men for her own purposes
* Fiona: 20'ish, slightly unstable, fun, great sense of humor
* Toffee: 25, only black dancer, she's got a real job and works for "fun"
* Veronica: 25, whines a lot, always trying to go home early, uses men for prosperity
* Tyra: 20'ish, never smiles, fights with her boyfriend on the phone all night, has one baby
* Storm: 20, fired, crazy, hangs with Ice and Cassandra
* Raven: 20'ish, semi-pro stripper, highly flexible, fired for bad attitude, dating bouncer Simon

Support staff:

* Dave: #1 bartender, a bouncer and doorman, is Bubbles' best friend at the club, 27
* Sam: Dave's replacement behind the bar, long-time friend of owner Conrad, old guy
* Kirby: primary DJ, part-time bouncer, 21, lovelorn
* Paine: part-time DJ, 20-something, good with music, bad with women
* Nathan: sometimes DJ, fills in when he's not working on the radio, excellent DJ
* Dustin: primary bouncer, 20-something, has one child, dating the cigar girl
* Alissa: cigar girl, has one child, dating the primary bouncer, 21'ish
* Jamie Katz: former bouncer, doorman, 25, fired due to feud with owner, dates dancer Infinity, known as simply "Katz"
* Simon: bouncer, dates fired dancer Raven
* Ross: bouncer, new guy, black, tries to get with all the girls
* Shawn: bouncer, black
* Brian: bouncer

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